Why is the resolution on your monitor important?

This site is best viewed with a minimum resolution of 800*600 dpi.
If you have to use the scrolling bars at the bottom, this means you use 640*480 dpi.  'DPI' means 'dots per inch'.  The higher the dpi, the better the quality of what you see on your monitor. If you look close at a regular tv, you will see the lines. It hurts your eyes when you look too close and too long!  That's why it's important to use the highest resolution.

To change your resolution up to 800*600 or better, do the following:
Click Start-Settings-Control Panel
Double click on the Display item in the Control Panel.
Click on the Settings Tab.

At the bottom on the left you can see how many colors your monitor 
uses and at the right the resolution.
If your video card has more than 2 MB memory, you can change 
the settings of the colors to 16 bit and the resolution to 800*600 or more.
The higher the resolution, the better the quality on your screen.

You may want to print this page: Click here


This example shows you how much space an image with the
same size takes on your screen and how different the quality is.



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